Kenny m.


Kenny proudly supported Miles 2 Give, and provided his legendary voice for the documentary of the run across the USA, “Pursuit To Give & Inspire.”


Rohan M.

marley coffee

“Rohan proudly supported Miles 2 Give providing much needed product for the 10,000 mile tour. After the 2014 tour he invited the team and many cancer survivors to his NYC home.”

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austin k.

world champion skimboarder

“Landon comes from a place of love. His ability to authentically empathize and show compassion in all situations creates a motivating and safe space for anyone he comes in contact with”


Brian G.

At&t area manager

“Landon spoke with enthusiasm and spirit that rippled throughout my organization. His uplifting message did not just make a short term impact on my team but a sustaining influence in which my team still puts into their day to day leadership influences as they manage business. We all agree how fortunate we were to have the likes of Landon Gallant sharing his not just story but his soul with our team!”

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Susan S.

director, huntsman cancer foundation

“On behalf of Huntsman Cancer Foundation, our humble thank to you, your team, and crew. You have helped make and important difference.”


Tony F.

Former ceo of sarcoma foundation of america

“Your journey has been an incredible thing to witness. And you have incredible stories to go along with that journey. Along the way you’ve received an education, you’ve educated others, and you’ve made an impact that you may never completely understand.”


Holly b.

Miles 2 Give supporter

“Intent, kindness and compassion are the qualities Landon shares with each person he meets regardless of the setting. In both small and large groups, I’ve seen Landon tap others to rise to their higher selves. Many times by the simple acknowledgement of the impact of their kindness and compassion. It is not for me to tell you how or what you feel after a visit with Landon or after hearing him speak, only that you will be inspired to challenge yourself.”

I just wanted to tell you how truly amazing you all are to do what you did. I am in awe of you. congratulations on a completing your run and may God bless you and every one you ran for everyone you met and all of the lives you touched along the way. THANK YOU.
— Brenda W.
This has been such an amazing, inspirational, emotional daily journey following you. I have no doubt that you have not only reached/surpassed your goals but also spread awareness and inspired millions which is so very important. Thank you for all that you have done and I can’t wait to see where the next chapter begins! I know that you are not done yet, there is too much love inside all of you and too much to offer to this world. You have only just begun! Congratulations!
— Barbara C.
Wow. Inspiring. Incredible. MAKING A DIFFERENCE.
Thank You!
— Bridgett W.
Landon was a driving force in raising awareness for sarcoma cancer and raising over $100,000 for research in just a few months. Landon did this by running across the entire United States! Averaging a marathon a day as a team!! Forest Gump status!! Amazing heart as well as an amazing person. Please check out his page. Together we can make a difference.
— Johnny P.
You may never know what a difference YOUR journey made to all of us, and to sarcoma awareness! Bless you all!
— Cathy B.
I don’t know what you did, or what you opened up. But, I’m now working with my clients on a more spiritual level. So thank you very much Landon. I really appreciate it.
— Mary C.
If anyone is looking for help, Landon’s co-guidance is the first place to start. He’s changed my life forever.
— Ricky D.
Landon came to me at a transitional time of my life. He opened my eyes differently to yoga, breath work, and meditation. He was always there with calm advice. I’m forever grateful for the role he played in my life.
— Sarah G.
I am a father, and it’s so important to have role models like Landon to look up to for my son. And, also the inspiration and healing for adults.
— Cam B.